Please help me with my script THREAD


I want to add this overlay

so that I could text, how would i do that




Hi, so all you gotta do is write the name of your background and write “with [the name of your overlay]” in the zone you want.


@cut to zone 2

@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces right [or left]


And you can also use the spot directing for the overlays if you want to change where you want your overlay to be.


Simply placing overlays into view:


Overlay layers:


Overlay zones:


For more help, you can watch Joseph Evans on YouTube :slight_smile:


I watch him, but i still don’t understand because the last time he updated that was when ink style was popular. I wanted a limelight version and what do you mean layer [number] im still confused.


The tutorials are universal, LL works same as INK, it’s just different animations.

We are using LAYERS for overlays and characters.
So for example for this selfie background if you want your character to be BEHIND the overlay you would write like something like that:


this is just an example from IG account: @episode.advice

You can use as many numbers as you want.


Does anyone know how to zoom from the bottom of a character to the top of the character? I’ve seen so many episodes where the zoom starts at their feet and then it goes up to their face (usually happens when someone is showing off their outfit)


Here’s a post by incredible @Purple_Ghost on this very thing

Does anyone know how to zoom/pan up full body from leg to head?

Be sure to thank the friendly Purple Ghost


I didn’t know there were negatives in layers.
I thought it was only 1-3. Thanks for the info. :grin:


Oh, you can use as many numbers as you want. I’ve got some characters at -50 in my story :joy:
Same with positive numbers :slight_smile:


thank you for your prior response btw!

Can someone make me a splash? Please

No problem x


Whenever authors update a previous chapter, we have to reread the prior chapter before reading the newly released one and I want to give my readers the option to skip the entire chapter if they’ve already read it and don’t want to read it again so i want it to be like this:

NARRATOR asks: Have you read this chapter
choice: Yes
and if they click on yes I want to ask a different question where it says, "Would you like to skip this chapter?

and if they choose no I want them to be able to read the chapter that they are currently on and if they choose yes I want it to go to the INT. Black-night

can someone help.


Labels are your best friend.

Put a label where you the update begins. And then use goto label (NAME) if the reader chooses to skip through the first part


Can someone help? I want my character to be entering from right to screen left at this spot. how do i do that? she keeps entering from left to screen right!


@KADISHA enters from right to spot 1.280 268 0


thank you dara!


How can I spot Kalindi if I can’t find her? I’ve tried zooming out but it’s extremely glitchy on desktop and then on my phone it just exits the story. I want Kalindi to be in the car sitting down. someone help.