Please Help Me With My Story Description! (Again)

Okay, I suck at descriptions. The characters limit does not allow me to explain myself correctly :frowning: Then I need help to summarize what I already have or improve it.
This is my poor attempt of description:
“Odette has everything in her life: Money, luxuries, travels, friends, and a hot fiancé. She’s a typical mafia princess. But one night everything changes. She discovers that the mafia is not what it seems and that she cannot trust anyone. Not even her loved one.”
Please help me! :pleading_face:
I’ll give credit any way you want. :point_right: :point_left:
Thanks in advance.


Having everything you’ve ever wanted was always how she had lived, at least before the smell of betrayal crept in.


:open_mouth: I’m jealous of how good you are at that!

Thank you so much, you’re so good :heart_eyes:

Perhaps something like this?:

A life with everything you could ever imagine. Odette; the mafia princess had it all. One night everything changed, spite her trust and lust. And her fall was called for.


How can I credit you? Instagram or forums name?

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Thanks! How can I give you credits? Instagram or Forums name? :relaxed:

No need for credit :blush: Just glad to help. :smiley:

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She never thought this love could be a false sense of reality, when she lived a life of gold.

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No credit needed for mine but if you do want to my instagram is epi.RJK and is my preferred method for credits. :slight_smile:

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