Please help me with phone call

How can i add another background enter as the characters are having a phone call?

please help me!

You have to make a background an overlay and make it start off-screen. Then, make it move about halfway across the original scene :slightly_smiling_face: Hope this helped.

Not sure what exactly you mean but maybe this will help?

I do it the way @ItzFarrah explained.

Basically I’ll take the background I want, then using a simple software ( works), I’ll crop the background to be roughly half the size of one zone (320x1136) and I’ll sometimes add a while or black line down the left or right side. You need to save this as a PNG.

I’ll then add the overlay offscreen and animate it to move in. When I do this- I’ll make sure the character I want is placed offscreen at the same place on the background that I’d like them to be when it’s on screen (I hope that makes sense). Then I’ll shift the character and background in together.

&BOYF spot .962 450 236 in zone 2 AND BOYF faces right AND BOYF moves to layer 3
@overlay STREET PHONE CALL create
@overlay STREET PHONE CALL scales to 1.0 1.0
@overlay STREET PHONE CALL shifts to 350 -39 in zone 2
@overlay STREET PHONE CALL moves to layer 2
@overlay STREET PHONE CALL opacity 1
#in the above coding- I’ve placed the character BOYF and the STREET PHONE CALL overlay offscreen

&overlay STREET PHONE CALL shifts to 158 -39 in zone 2 in 3
&BOYF walks to spot .962 230 236 in 3 AND BOYF faces right AND BOYF does it while listen_phone_happy_loop THEN BOYF starts listen_phone_happy_loop
@pause for 2.5
#In the above coding, I’ve moved the character and the overlay together onto the screen.

I hope this makes sense and I hope this is what you were asking!

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