Please help me with story ideas

Okay so I’m new to episode forums so i’m not really sure how this works tbh lol but I’ve recently started writing my own story but I need some help with it.
I have started it but I don’t really have a plot for it my original idea was that a past friend of the Mc’s shows up and asks her for help she then turns into one of the worlds wanted criminals but I had writers block whilst writing it.
Story Title- Question the shadows
So about the main character-
Name- Charlie Lee.
Age- 19
Sexuality- Bisexual
Backstory/Personality- She is an illegal fighter, she fights because it makes her feel like she is in control and she’s powerful. She thinks that there is nothing a woman can’t do in heels. She had a younger sister who got killed (I’m not sure how yet so please give me ideas lol)
but Charlie seems to blame herself for her death. Her parents disowned her.

My original idea-
My original idea was that her old friend Matteo Garcia comes back (he moved away a year ago and never came to visit) and explains to her that he needs her help with an issue he has. Basically Matteo and his brother got involved with some bad people and then get involved with a mafia and they need help as someone at the college they go have been stealing their drugs and weapons.

But my problems with this idea was-
Why would they need Charlies help?
Is it a good plot?
How would I set it out?
What twists could happen?

Some plot twists I had-
Charlies sister isn’t actually dead. (she could be the one behind it)
and that’s it lmao.

Okay so this is what I need help with-

A good plot or more ideas for my original one.
Some plot twists.
And how did her sister die.
Also why did her parents disown her.


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Maybe because they got involved wth bad people ?

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Yes but like why her like why would they specifically need her help if that makes sense lol

because she’s a fighter and brave and that he trust her

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That’s true thank youu <3

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Maybe they ask for her help, because she was so focused on discovering who killed her sister (or how she died) that she has a couple of contacts that the guys may need, and they did a deal, you help us do (what ever they need) and we will help you end who killed your sister… maybe? Idk

That’s a good idea thank you <3

Yeah it is

this could be a great a plot twist

maybe charlie’s sister could be “killed” by the mafia or by the " bad" people

Because maybe Charlie became more “Dangerous” and rebellious or because maybe they blame her for her sister’s death

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ahh thank you so much for this you just gave me some great ideas

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Because maybe she was there when she was killed , i have an idea

Charlie and her sister was hanging out together and then they saw the “bad” people coming over them and Charlie and her sister got a gut feelings about being in danger but they ignored it . And then the “bad” people was arguing with charlie’s sister and she was playing dumb or didn’t know who they are (you can choose wich one you want) and then one of the “bad” people take out his gun and shot Charlie’s sister.

I have a plot twist
Matteo Garcia was one of the “bad” people and he was there when Charlie’s sister got shot but after the accindent , he disown the “bad” people which give a little bit of Reason why he have troubles with the “bad” people

thank you x

Here are some ideas for answers to these questions:

  1. Matteo could need Charlie’s help because Charlie has dealt with a similar situation before (and maybe her sister was killed for the same reason if this makes sense, and that’s why she feels guilty.). Matteo may feel that Charlie could be useful and be able to help.
  2. I think that is an AMAZING plot!
  3. I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “setting it out” but I am guessing that you mean on how you will present these things to your readers. I would say that you should do it gradually and make her see things (like, make her see a photo of her and Matteo and it reminds her of the past and when he shows up at her door and tells her the problem and what he got into, she thinks about her sister…
  4. For plot twists…now, I’m not so good at plot twists, so maybe you should take other advice for that one :joy:

I really hope this helped you in some way! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thank you so much for answering the questions it helped a lot thank you <3

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No problem! Happy to help :relaxed:

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