Please help me with these

Can someone make overlays of these backgrounds for me?






Preferably the cover and if you can make it night also…




Just the seat…

Are they copyright free?


The first one would be copywrite free if you blurred out the apple logo but, for all of the rest it should be okay to upload! hope this answered your question :slight_smile:

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It can be copyright even if it dont have logo. Copyright mean someone owns it, which usaæly is the case for studf on google or pinterest

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It can be but after you upload them episode will let you know If there’s any copywrite!
Sorry for the confusion :smile:

I sctually seeb them more than once approve copyright art. Espically covers.

Its authors own job to also make sure they follow the rules.


Sometimes episode accept copyright images also… Just because episode accept it doesn’t mean that image is copyright free :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Hey, I am a new writer at episode and I’ve completed 3 episode’s with advanced directing. Only thing that I’m stuck at is the coverpage of the story. It would really be quite a help if you could make a horror background. I dont wanna place the characters in the main coverpage. I’ve done the inside coverpage, I want the main cp to be something catchy and scary at the same time.
Will you help…?

Oh okay… well when I first started writing and everything I accidentally uploaded a copyright image also with an overlay and they didn’t accept because of copyright but it could be different now.

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also @kelly sorry for kinda taken over the forum, if the art is copyright free, I be can do the overlays for you. can you let me know where you got them.

also are this already edited to be in corrct background size, because if you resize after the overlays may not match.

i got them from a background forum