Please help me with this CC error

It says it dosen’t exist, i’ve also tried the one underneath it & it still says it i’m not sure what’s going on?

Is this a custom script template? I think you’re supposed to use “face shape” instead of “face”
EX: @MC changes face shape into Defined Heart

Yes it’s a customization template that I got from someone, so would I have to change all the “face” into “face shape” ?

“face” is the right word.

oh. :sweat_smile:

Sometimes weird errors happen like this. Have you tried to delete the template and then copy and paste it over again, like start over?

Yes I have, not sure what to do?

Have you tried using a different template?

I havn’t, not sure who? :confused:

.Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

That wouldn’t cause an error like that. Have you created a character named “MC”? Like is the character MC on the list of characters to the right of your script?

Oh! I actually havn’t, this is my first time doing this… I knew it wouldn’t just be copy and paste… so I have to add in a MC?

Yea you need to create the character MC first in the character settings.

Okay, thank you that was the error that was holding it back.

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