Please help me with this error


I keep getting an error when writing choices, even though I constantly check the format. Would you guys give me some tips?

choice (train_track_help)
“Beg for mercy and believe the voice” { <=Keeps saying that there is no bracket that matches this {

    PANDORA (talk_sad_clutch_loop)
Please help me voice! I could feel the train coming closer to me! I believe on what you said earlier! Have mercy on me!

Very well then, you prove yourself to be quite loyal, so I'll help you wake up in comfort.

@reset hsl

sound off


@reset hsl

sound ambient-birds

@PANDORA stands screen left

@PANDORA is idle_terrified and PANDORA faces right

@pan to zone 3

@pan to zone 1

@follow PANDORA to screen center in zone 2

    PANDORA (talk_happy_smile)
Thanks for bringing me too a much safer place. The garden is beautiful

You're welcome, but I want you to do something in return for me.

    PANDORA (talk_shrug)
Well then what is it? If it is something that I go against the deal is off.

What I want in return is the trust from you, to trust us when the time is right.

    PANDORA (talk_startled)
How could I really trust you, the only thing you ever did was disrupt my dream, and save me in the place you transported me to.

Okay then, so you don't want the answers to what's happening to you recently? All the weird events like the "ghosts" that you saw.

    PANDORA (talk_afraid)
How did you know that? You must be some kind of stalker.
    PANDORA (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
Or, you must have caused all of this since you knew.
    PANDORA (talk_mindblown)
I thought I was crazy!
    PANDORA (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
I want some answers from you since you seem very sketchy.

Fine, if only you make the deal with me, because like I said, I know the answers to them.

    PANDORA (talk_shrug)
As long as I get the answers, and no harm is done to anyone, deal?

It's a deal.
Now rise and shine.

gain sleep_comfortably
“Believe it was all just another nightmare” {

    PANDORA (talk_shrug)
Well this is just a dream anyways, it's not like I am going to get hurt or anything, plus the voice did say it was my spirit, not my physical form.
    PANDORA (talk_doubtful)
I am just going to wait for the alarm, or my parents to wake me up.
    PANDORA (idle_terrified)
(It feels so real, that the train is about to hit me, but deep down I knew it was just part of my brain.)


@reset hsl

sound off

music off

sound music_sparseandcreepy

@PANDORA stands screen center

    PANDORA (think)
(Why did I teleport here all of a sudden?)

Clever little girl, you beat the system.

@PANDORA is startled_surprised

You are part of the brave many few, who knew it was a dream. Most people would have forgotten it was in their mind.
As a reward, you could get the power to join the group, but there's a catch.
You must face many trials of your fears, that could include more nightmares, and you need to trust us when the time is right.

    PANDORA (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
Why should I join your group? I don't even know what you do.

It is because it gives things and powers, impossible to achieve and get.
For example if you want someone to be your friend you could make them be your friend, and if you want something like a unicorn you could just imagine it and it will be there.
So it is a great opportunity.

    PANDORA (talk_angry_accuse)
But what do you do? You probably just torment with people's mind.
Like my mind for example.

@pause for a beat

It's very complicated.
We look into people's mind to see if they're worthy enough to join our group.
Sweet dreams tomorrow.

gains beginning_of_the_truth


Can I see your actual script, including the error message you’re getting


Error is probably somewhere else because script looks good to me :thinking:


I agree


Is this supposed to be “gain” instead of “gains”?




Ok then



I tested your script, and the problem is here.
Use: sound ambient_birds


Thanks for pointing out the flaw, it worked.




Thanks to all those who responded! Closing thread :v:t2: