Please Help me with this part

Do anybody know how to make the character sit on a couch?

@CHARACTER is idle_sit_neutral_loop ------------------------------(or whatever sit animation)

Then you click on ‘Schow Helpers’ on the right in the previewer, then ‘Spot Directing’ and then you place the character in the right spot. Then you just copy the coordinates shown uderneath the preview and put it into the script, it should look like this:

@CHARACTER spot s x y AND CHARACTER faces left/right AND CHARACTER is idle_sit_neutral_loop

You say @character stands screen center AND character does it while animation and you can always fix there position.

I also recommend his tutorials:

thank you


Let me know if it worked for you, or in case you need more help :slight_smile: :tulip:

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do you know how to let your readers choose how their character looks

you can use template here you can find them

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