Please help me with this portal glitch!

So I’m now to the writing portal, I’ve been watching a bunch of videos about having characters enter and exit the scene, but no matter what I do, my character shows up off screen and they are in this weird octogon! Someone help me make all of this normal!

You’re writing in the spotlight format, you need to write in cinematic if you want them to walk in and out of the scenes.

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Many scenes have “zones” (On average 3 - 4 zones) Your character might be entering in a different zone than the camera is directed at, which might be the problem as why they are off screen.

Here is a link for more info:

Also, as for the octagon, when you were creating your story, you had 2 choices:

  1. The choice of having the story in Limelight, Ink, or Classic (Style of which the characters appear)
  2. Spotlight or Cinematic (Format of the story)

For the octagon, you probably chose spotlight for the format for your story, which is a common format for beginners to use because they don’t have to worry about animating full body characters. If you want the octagon out, you’ll have to create an entirely new story with the mode Cinematic and completely start over with new characters (with the same looks) and the same script (just copy and paste into the new story) because after you create the story, there’s no way for you to change the format of the story. That’s the best way I can explain this :blush:

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!!

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