Please help me with this scene


First write the zone after the spot numbers and then the time.

Same warning


You forgot the is here:
AND ROMAN is kiss_passionate_loop_rear

Tysm :heart: I’ve been coding all day I can’t even recognize my own mistakes

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You’re welcome :heart: I know these moments :joy:

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I have a question I hope u can help

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Okay sure, what is it?

So, I use the word then so right after they finish the animation they do another, but my characters do the animations, then they stop then do the other animations, and I don’t want it to stop

Are you trying to get them to walk while doing the kiss animation or walk first then kiss?

I want them to walk while doing the animation, then keep on ding it when they stop

Okay so when you have characters walking while doing an animation, you need to use “does it while” instead of “is”

@CHARACTER walks to _____ and CHARACTER does it while animation


… AND ROMAN does it while kiss_passionate_loop_rear

That’s not where it should go. You need to replace the “is” with does it while

Thank you so much both of you :heart:


Closed: Seems to be a double question thread that helpfully got answered by both @Dara.Amarie & @Cheris Thanks to you both :v: