Please help me with this! ๐Ÿ˜…

I donโ€™t know how to exactly explain this, but there is a part in my script where I add in the โ€œgainโ€ option in a choice. Later, when I add the โ€œif (chose_this)โ€ part to remember the choice, nothing happens. This is for clothes and here is my exact script, please tell me if I messed up:

@zoom reset
music off
@cut to zone 3
music music_dazegroove
@AASHNA stands upscreen right then AASHNA faces left AND AASHNA starts idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop
@EXTRA8 stands upscreen right in zone 2
@EXTRA8 changes into GRACIE_default
@transition fade in black

if (chose_reporter1) {

@AASHNA changes into AASHNA_Reporter1

} elif (chose_reporter2) {

@AASHNA changes into AASHNA_reporter2

} elif (chose_reporter3) {

@AASHNA changes into AASHNA_reporter3


remember to reset your story progress when you want to check different outcomes

Thank you!

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