Please help me with this!


I need to have my character hold a book, but the animations don’t add a book, and there are no Book overlays. Thanks xox :slight_smile:


One second I’ll give you an overlay you can upload




click this link after you have saved either one

follow the instructions.

PS: Don’t save the pictures I accidently put them as JPG just search up “book png” and then go to the link


I meant I want them reading it :sweat_smile:

But thank you :slight_smile:


Oh I know an animation for that!


Ink or Limelight?






K 1 sec


oki :slight_smile:


Do you want them just reading it in their head or what do you want them doing with the book?


I want them reading a book and talking please :3


Okay :slight_smile:


Sorry I’m taking long just testing etc to make sure it would be what you’re looking for plus my computers glitchy


totally fine :slight_smile: No need to rush


Right so you would need to use a prop also but don’t worry just copy and paste this in:

@add Text Book Open Navy Blue to CHAR

@CHAR is talk_book_open_neutral


That’s all. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


No problem, if you need anymore help just message me and I’ll get through to you :wink:


Also when you don’t want her with the book anymore just do this

@remove Text Book Open Navy Blue from CHAR