Please... HELP ME!

Hi everyone!! It’s been a long time since I dont make a topic and ik that I am always asking for title ideas, but pls, I am really stressing to come up with something!!!

My K&T story is about a girl and a boy that falls in love with each other, but they are from different countries. Praticallt these countries are near to each other, but, also my story is in the past in the 1870… I think…?, btw these two countries fought and they hate each other so there’s a shield made with magic, cuz there’s magic too lmao. And the girl finds a secret tunnel to the other side of the shield she met him and they start seeing each other in their secret spot and so they kiss each other and start hiding their relationship. But what if others find out?

Pls suggest titles!

And also, K&T stories can be in any year, right?

I’m sorry but idk what a K&T story is; could you explain??

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Kiss & tell, it is the new writer contest theme

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Ohhh ok. So if it’s sorta fantasy but maybe a lil realistic fiction.

I was thinking something like Forbidden love - or if you don’t want like a clichè name like that then maybe Breaking Tradition or something like that

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I tought of Forbidden Love too, but I have that feeling… it is cliché :joy:

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Or maybe A world of sins or something like that

lol sry if my names aren’t good

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Don’t worry your names are good, I am just waiting for some other suggestions! :smile:

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I think I have the name, what do you guys think of: K&T: Lovingly Breaking The Rules

  • Yes!
  • Nah!

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It’s definitely better than forbidden love.

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Welp I hope that wasn’t meant to be rude lmao.

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It wasn’t :sweat_smile: Sorry if it sounded that way, the internet makes some things kinda sound rude.
I just think your story deserves better than that. :sparkles: It’s just really an overused title, that’s all. The other one sounds fine to me, but there might be even better ones My creativity isn’t the best though.

I personally think titles should show what makes your story special? Or just different from others (if that makes sense).

This is just really obvious what’s it about and would fit to a lot of stories.

This one is a lot better, but maybe you can find something even better? using the same word in one sentence sounds so wrong
If not, I think this one should be fine as well! :relaxed:

This is probably a bad suggestion but maybe you could do something with the tunnel?

Nevermind, it’s a bad idea :sweat_smile:


I agree. Sry if I sounded rude as well

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Wait what do you mean? :joy:

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I didnt use the same word… right? Lmao im so confused

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Well I don’t rly like having lovingly there, it makes the name lose it’s uniqueness, or should I say interest.

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I wrote “better” twice because I couldn’t think of a different word.

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Do you have a few episodes that we could read? I think that would help.

Maybe it’s not entirely a bad idea. “Secret Tunnel to the other side” might be too long, but
maybe the title “Secret Tunnel” would work.

To choose a unique title, I’d suggest searching the title in Episode. Just like you would do if you were trying to name a company. If someone already wrote a story with the title you’re thinking about, choose something different so it will be easy for people to find your story.

Keep Brainstorming:
*Breaking the Rules for Love
*Loving the Enemy
*Kissing the Enemy
*Kissing in Secret
*Love Defying the Law
*Despite Magic and Borders

Maybe none of those are good, but I think the more ideas you list, the more creative ideas come up.


I didn’t mean the whole thing as the title, I just wanted to show where they mentioned that there’d be a tunnel in the story.