Please Help My Story Won’t Work!

I’m Trying To Write My Story The Queen Bee, It Keeps Saying This Isn’t A Director Command!

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What did you type?

I Typed Katrina Faints It Told Me Katrina Faints Is Not A Valid Directing Command! It’s Annoying

Wym by Katrina Faints it?

Is it dialog or you want her to faint

Maybe what what you wrote is :

@KATRINA faints

But the right command is :

@KATRINA is faint

Hope this helped.:slightly_smiling_face:

Nope Still Wrong!

Are you using limelight, classic or ink?


Can you post an image of the part where it says error on the script?

It’s because you wrote :
@KATRINA is Faint!

It’s actually:

@KATRINA is faint

Without caps and exclamation point and the name should be all caps.

Make sure you capitalize the name ‘Katrina’.
Right now, you have this:

@Katrina Is Faint!

It SHOULD be like this:

@KATRINA is faint

Do not capitalize the ‘I’ in is and the ‘f’ in faint.

Hope this helped!

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