Please help, my texting overlay is not approved

Hi! I have already created several overlays of my texting template that I created, but it was not approved. I made up my own carrier, but it wasn’t approved. Can someone tell me why it was not approved?

This is the overlay:


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Hmm, maybe it’s because of the image you used as the profile picture for the person they’re texting? Is it copyrighted or did you create it yourself?

I know for a fact that it’s the emojis you used though. Those emojis are copyrighted by apple.

It might be both the image and the emojis. Try uploading one without and see if it’s approved.

I did draw the profile picture, yes

Also, it’s not approved even without the emojis:

you included an emoji in the name of the person that they’re texting. try taking that off too :+1:

ohh thanks
lemme try uploading all 8 overlays again without the emoji and i’ll update if they’re approved
ty :))

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no problem (:

In the email you got, it says the reason why it was denied. You can even send a support ticket asking why it was denied.

pretty sure it might be because you have “Sonii” at the top.

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Could it be the “A” icon at the bottom? Looks like the App store logo, next to the camera icon.

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oh that might be it

lemme see if my new overlays are approved and i’ll try removing the app store logo