PLEASE HELP! Need help to find story name

i’ve been trying to find that story for so long omg

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super random but u seem to know a lot so was wondering if you’d know mine. i read it awhile ago, the artwork was kinda anime-ish and had some moving aspects to it. I’m pretty sure the girl started off as “ugly” then had a makeover. there were two LI one was the highschool golden boy (i think soccer) the other was a “bad boy” with some shady family business and a sister he was super protective of. if u chose the “bad boy” the story went down a path where he was kidnapped then u we’re kidnapped by one of his gang affiliates to try to save him, ik it’s a long shot but, i think the female lead name was poppy?

The story breetch was looking for, I helped her with on another post she did …story was ‘your silhouette ‘

Sorry don’t recognise it.
If it’s anime type art , it was probably an older ink style story? I don’t read ink, only limelight …
try using search option and type in search words, like poppy, it will bring up any past posts that mention that word

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Thanks for your help but the MC was defo named Bella.

I need to find a story because I can’t remember it’s when your homeless and a celebrity called Cole offers to marry you for money and you end up liking him and you lived in a homeless shelter called the neighbourhood or something like that

Hi i can’t post my own topic yet but i need help finding a story i read years ago. Basically you play as this woman who throughout the story is torn between two boys. One of them is a boy she has known for a while and the other is a new interest. The big thing i remember is towards the end you visit a psychic and she says something about a red rose. The guy that we knew from the start previously gave us some red roses so it makes you think you should pick him. But after you find out the newer boy actually has a red rose tattoo. Sorry its not much to go on.

Episode original, called The village princess

I need help finding this story i was reading a long time ago, like 2018?

The genre was Sci-Fi and you was able to choose what gender you wanted your character to be. I don’t exactly remember how it started from the very beginning, but i remember a group of teens from school are kinda forced to work together/ go on a trip to Egypt, when they wonder off from the tour guide they stumble upon a hidden cave where they find a Egyptian gods tomb and in the tomb they find a time travel tablet, it was gold. it takes them back in time, like millions of years ago in Egypt. Anyway basically the story is about those teens travelling through time and space to different universes and time lines, and meeting all sorts of creatures and gods such as Greek gods and Egyptian gods, and travelling to different worlds.

I tried to explain it as best as I could, obviously it’s missing a few details, but that’s mostly the main story. Do u know what it’s called?

Through the worlds by ksenia. But her account was deleted and all her stories.

Thank you!!!

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I also need help finding a story, it starts with these two siblings the girl is named iris i think, and they escape a fire?? The main plot is there’s two sides to this city and it’s pretty dangerous but they stay in this house with a bunch of other young adults, I remember one of them being a guy with pink hair and glasses who is gay

i’ve been trying to find a story for so long, i need help!! LMAO

it’s about the mc being a nerd and for one night she dresses up for a school costume party and all the people that bullied her couldn’t recognize her. the popular boy acts like he doesn’t recognize her but toward the very end he tells her he knew it was her all along. i never finished the story and i can’t remember the name of it, all i remember is that there’s a girl looking at her reflection and in the reflection she’s wearing a blue sparkly dress

I think is “destined” by viola musaraj

hi I need help finding the name of this story that I played years ago. I remember it was about a teenage girl who had a mom who worked as a parol officer. one of the kids she was in charge of had to come and live with them. he had really cool tattoos and was deemed a bad guy and the mother was trying to stop them from being tougher but the teen girl and the guy ended up falling in love the last thing I remember was that they ran away together.

Hi everybody

I also need help finding a story.

The first part is about a girl that has a flower shop and works with her friend. One day, a rich man comes in with a cap so that he can hide from paparazzi. Apparently he’s pretty well known. He gets to know the girl (she has red hair but I don’t know her name… any names for that matter) and I’m not sure but I’m assuming he offered her a job: To decorate his brothers venue bcos the brother is getting married. He marries a blonde girl who’s very mean (but she has a character arc and actually ends up being nice, only misunderstood). Sometime later they get an apartment together and I remember the scene where they were painting the walls, BUT she finds out she’s pregnant and runs away from him.

Second part is about her and her two twin girls. The twins go to separate schools, one has wavy red hair and is calmer and more of a goody-two-shoes, the other one has curly red hair and is pretty hot tempered. The rich man aka dad meets them randomly at a party (I really don’t know any more details but he eventually meets them without knowing they’re his daughters). Eventually at the end of the story, one of the girls gets engaged. Oh and they get a younger brother.

Funny how much I remember of this story, but forgot how it’s named.

Does anyone have a clue what the story’s name is?

Hi guyss I’m hoping someone can help me find a story I’ve been thinking about lately . It was about this girl who’s studying to become a lawyer and her mom who also used to be a lawyer has Dementia. She likes to write and she leaves her notebook on a train station one day and the guy (I think his name was Leo?) finds it and wants to turn it into a movie cause he’s studying to become a director. She finally agrees and it’s about them making the movie and her writing the script. I remember he has an abusive dad back home and I think the last episode available they’re in Boston where the guy is from visiting his family. Idk I have such a distinct memory of it even the cover but I can’t remember the name :sob: the cover was them in the backseat of a car and she’s like leaning on him.

Anyway hopefully someone out there knows cause it’s been driving me crazy but if you do pls tell me :slight_smile:

This is Dare To Dream by Sarah Robbins

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Sadly , it’s not been updated since 2021

Hiii! I don’t think I can post yet or I can’t find where:) I want to know the name of a story, it’s been bugging me for so long. It’s about a single mom that gets pregnant with twins from her first daughter’s father. If someone can help me I’ll be forever grateful. Thanks