PLEASE HELP! Need help to find story name

It’s an old story about a school-going gamer girl who finds a mysterious game link and starts playing it. Later revealed that the protagonist of the game is his lover and he created the game for some reason I can’t remember. Ink version, the lover had white hair (probably) and the lover had a evil brother who wanted to kill the MC for some reason.


does anybody have an idea what this story is called, I kind of got really desperate sorry😅

Hi guys I have a question, does anyone know the name of the story that has this soccer star that lost everything including his wife, so he thought, and when he was broke he met and fell in love with a movie star?

Ive been trying to find this story that I didn’t read entirely yearsss ago that was rlly unique to me and maybe it was deleted but I just have to know, basically its about this girl who had rlly bad self esteem and she hated looking in mirrors(real) and one day she went to school and was informed about her best friend unaliving himself but she dont remember him and thought she never had any friends so then it rewinds to the past? from what I remember and she met the “best friend” but they were strangers and when she met him she realized he was the guy that died and then they starting to get along and it was progressing in the direction that she was supposed to save him or this was to remember who her friend was? that’s what I read up to at the time I think and dont remember anything after
(other tips to know the story)

  • she had a habit of referring to inanimate objects as people or giving them names or speaking to them for example; if she slammed a door too hard she would say “sorry mr. door”
  • there was no characters and it was just reading just text bubbles
  • there were no gem choices and almost no choices
  • she always wore a hoodie and I think the guy did too as well
    (sorry for bad English not my first language)

Try using search bar, type in something about the story, example I put visual novels… this will show you every post that’s on the forum
related to whatever you search for…
i have found stories this way in the past.

I need help as well! This might not be found but whatever…it’s about this girl named Cora? And her ex-best friend Hazel and they end up falling in love and there was a previous story on their parents!

was the story of their parents “love unexpectedly”?

Hello I’m not sure how any of this works and this is a long shot, but i am looking for a story it was a few years ago when i read it and didn’t get to finish…. A gang member named Ace i believe, saved this girl from her abusive father who was also apart of a gang, and she goes to live with him he heals her and all that, and eventually she is taken by like one of his enemies and is forced to like betray him… It was quite a while ago but if anyone knows which one i’m talking about that would be great!!!

I think it’s an INK story called “Rescued” by Lindsey

This sounds like “Bridesmaid for Hire” and “Unspoken Desires” by Didi

Thank you so much for replying… I already found them and read both of them🤣

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ty so much for help ^^ I will try it!! <333 so kind of u!

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To Love Again by Jorieemar

Hey, I want to find a story that I have read like a year ago or so. In this story the female love interest is named Diana and something happens so that we get stuck in a jungle and I remember that a snake bit and that Diana helped me in talking off the poison, I remember also that we got stuck in a cave or a grotto and that’s it. I think that in the beginning of the story, my body and I were at a party and that the bodyguard killed someone that had a weapon but I’m not sure.
Plsssss I need to find this storyyyy

Hey pls can you help me find this story I beg you

The only story I recall being in a jungle was ‘trapped’
And ‘jungle feeling ‘