Please Help New Writer

Hello I’m new to writing and I’m confused with quite a bit of content. I’m in need of someone who would be willing to help with simple questions. I’ve read how to do certain things but it doesn’t work in the script. Thanks in advance.

  1. Coding needed for moving the camera while a character walks to a different zone
  2. I’m having an issue with the main character walking behind the back ground characters. How do I fix the coding so that it shows the back ground characters behind the main one.
  3. Overlays - I wanted to show a phone with texts but the overlay for a phone doesn’t show up.
  4. How do you code so that someone is holding a piece of paper or a guitar. I didn’t see where to do any of that.
  5. How to do you have someone run off screen crying
  1. @EXAMPLE walks to spot in zone 2 AND pan to zone 2
  2. @EXAMPLE moves to layer # (make sure main character on highest layer)
  3. Just use the action, the object appears, but to add prop-
    @add Prop to EXAMPLE
    5)@EXAMPLE exits direction AND EXAMPLE does it while run_cry
    That should help. you can add directions and spots all by putting AND between them

I hope that helps @thourmentedrage

Another way to code 1 is @follow CHAR to screen x in zone y

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that’s right, I completely forgot about that lol

Lol that’s okay!

That worked. Thanks

1 and 5 worked. I haven’t tried 2 and 3 yet but will let you know. Thanks for your help

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you’re welcome!

  1. @follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 3
    (or any position)

  2. @CHARACTER moves to layer #
    (Have the main at a higher number)

  3. INT. (whatever background, can be ext. as well, just choose a background for the phone.) with SELFIE FEMALE 1
    (If you want male it’s SELFIE MALE 1 and if you want the different skin tones look at the overlays and find the one that matches the skin colour and use that number.)

limelight; idle_paper_neutral_loop, read_paper_neutral, talk_paper_neutral, talk_read_paper_neutral

ink; talk_read_paper

limelight; play_airguitar_neutral_loop, play_airguitar_energetic_loop
(these don’t show the guitar, limelight hasn’t added it yet.)

ink; idle_guitar, play_guitar_energetic_loop, play_guitar_loop, talk_guitar, talk_play_guitar_loop

  1. @CHARACTER exits right AND CHARACTER does it while run_cry (or whatever the animation is for that style.)

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