Please Help! Problems with over

I keep getting this error on my mobile app when editing but it saves my script with no problems and I doing something wrong?! image

You need to add the overlay to your scene, either by writing it next to the background name or using the create command. Read more about it here: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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If you’re still stuck, you can screenshot or copy & paste the overlay part of your scene : )

I’d be happy to help :smile:

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This is what I have in my script

music off
@cut to zone 4
@overlay JUNGLE VINES create
@overlay JUNGLE VINES scales to 0.190 0.184 in zone 4
@overlay JUNGLE VINES shifts to 290 290 in zone 4
@overlay JUNGLE VINES moves to layer 1
@overlay JUNGLE VINES opacity 1

I think it was a glitch cause now it’s working… :roll_eyes:

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That’s great to hear :wink:


P.S in case anybody wants to understand overlays, here ya go:

Adding an overlay to the beginning of a scene:

INT. BACKGROUND NAME - DAY with OVERLAYNAME to % x y in zone # at layer #

Adding an overlay into the middle of the scene:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to 100 100 in zone # in 0
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

GOOD LUCK FRIEND :heart: :spider_web:

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haha yas! I’m trying to work on it whenever I have free time because for some reason the month of October I’m mad popular and have a lot of outings planned haha so it pulls away from my writing time!:triumph::tired_face::sweat:

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YOU CAN DO IT!!! :heart_eyes:

You can do anything you put your mind to :wink:

But remember to have fun also and get into the spooky spirit :vampire:

“Slowly” waits for the next episode to come out, SLOWLY… :smile:

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oh I’m definitely in the SPOOKY SPIRIT alright. The entire month I’ve been binge watching creepy/ scary movies to create the mood I need for my story! :ghost::spider_web::spider::jack_o_lantern::skull::vampire:t3:

It’s just this chapter has a lot of complex scenes with overlay and spot placing so it take time to place everything just so. :sweat:

I’m trying to make it as detailed as possible without getting too drawn out, and finding that balance can be so tough! :triumph:

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Everything will work out :wink:

Try to have fun when you’re directing :laughing: :orange_heart:

Don’t stress too much, Ok? :sparkling_heart:

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Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not stressed though lol I work best under pressure. I just wish I was a fast writer! :tired_face:

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It’s better to write amazing then write super fast :wink:

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yes that is true, BUT the truly talented ones can do both! :laughing::grimacing:

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We are all talented whether we write fast or slow…ok this will be my last message to you on this thread because I’m going way off topic :laughing:

I’ll PM you :wink:

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Solved and closed. :smiley:

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