PLEASE HELP !Remembering Choices


How do I get the coding right for remembering these choices?
I tried but keep getting an ERROR message


Have you tried the if/elif thing? @Dara.Amarie explains how to and it’s on her website

remember " " { }

Everything is next to each other


I tried it like this
Still gives Error

Remove chose_choice_3 from else

if (NUMBER is “three”) {
#scene here for choice three
elif (NUMBER is “seven”) {
#scene here for choice seven
else {
#scene here for five

else needs to be alone.

Thank you so much!

I am quite new and watched a few tutorials and read a lot about remembering choices and I could not understand the Error .

You are a Life Saver!

No problem at all. We all been there before. Happy writing! :blob_sun:

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