Please help resize!


I have a number of backgrounds (all of which I will credit the artists in my story) that are wonderful, but need to be resized. Can anyone help? I have no idea how to do it. I have about tons…


I’m afraid to ask how many :joy:

i can resize them

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Off topic but you’re in the army?

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yes! ARMY 4 life! :heart:


Hey I can resize them too :smiley::heart:

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Can someone tell me how to resize them on my own?

… anyone still able to help?

Has anyone resized for you?

As far as I know, not yet. Are you able to?

Yes I’m able to. Message me on here. And text me your background 1 at a time with the number of panel you want (1-3 panel)

Hi, I think I will try to do on my own-someone sent a website link, there are so many and I don’t want someone else to have to do them all.


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That’s great. Oh I would’ve suggest to download the app “Photo & Picture Resizer” because instead of having to much photos in your gallery you replace the original photo with the resize photo.