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Can someone help me with how can I let the readers skip the chapter or read it? I have seen many episode stories to do that! When they don’t want to read the same chapter again… Can anyone help me to write down below what I should do???

Thank you for your time.

If a story isn’t published and has a new episode, Episode asks if you want to skip or play the chapter again.

I would suggest creating a choice.

Would you like to skip this chapter?
“Yes.” {
goto End
} “No.” {

label End

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Can you explain it a little more? I can’t create it cause I have a label in the middle…

Assuming you want to ask this at the beginning of the episode.

This should be right at the beginning of the episode.

Then, if the reader says “No”, and decides to continue the episode, all of your episode goes below.

If the reader says “Yes”, and decides to skip the episode, they will be directed to the end of the episode.

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Can you show a screenshot of what you mean?

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Let me try again. Give me a second!!!

That’s the error


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Put the label At the end of the chapter and not inside th choice

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You created a label inside of either a choice or an if/else statement.

If you screenshot where the label appears, I can help you fix it (if you don’t know how to).

If it is the “read_chapter4” label, you haven’t use a “goto read_chapter4”.

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I’ll try again. But it says that I can’t use another label or if/else choice inside of it…

Can you screenshot the script?

You can’t put a label inside of a choice or an if/else statement, which is why you have to use a goto.

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Replace [END OF EPISODE] with some dialogue - eg
Thank you for reading.

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