Please help, script error

Can someone help please, I don’t know how to fix this error?

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line 2899

gain didnt_check_the_place_out

So didnt not didn’t

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OMG it worked Thank you so much :grinning:

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No problem :yay:

More info here: Using if/elif/else to Remember Past Choices :heart:

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I thought it only applied to spaces, I’ll definitely remember that, thanks

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Can I get help with this

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@LAYLA spot 1.250 64 13 in zone 1 AND LAYLA moves to layer 1


Remove the word “SCALE”

It’s just

@LAYLA spot 1.250 64 13 in zone 1 at layer 1


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Can someone help me? I’m doing a character customization thing but I keep getting this error
"Unexpected OPEN_CHARACTER_EDITOR (u’MATEO’, ‘bodyColor’)

You have

MATEO (eyeroll_subtle_atcamera) by itself. You need dialogue underneath.

MATEO (eyeroll_subtle_atcamera)

Put ( ) around the dialogue to have him think (a thought bubble).


@MATEO is eyeroll_subtle_atcamera

Same thing applies with:

MATEO (flirt_wink_atcamera)

You can’t have it just like that.

It worked! Thank you so much!

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No problem :yay: :yay:

This keeps on happening and I don’t understand what’s wrong. Please help!!!

I think maybe you’re supposed to remove the @ symbol when writing dialogue

The error showed up because it isn’t how you format character dialogue.
You add dialogue by doing something similar to this:
ATOM (cry_sob_sad_loop)
P-please d-don't. I haven't done anything wrong...
Try reading this guide for further references on the formating:

Thank you so much!

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I tried doing that except the same error came up.

Can I get a hand with this


You’re missing a l

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