Please Help this poor and lazy girl lol

Hi, I am writing a story based on the DD contest… I wanted someone who can help me with the outfits for the characters for the whole story… I am up for paying you about 15 dollars … thanku…
P.S I have a writing partner for another story of mine but my partner(or sister) has exams now, so would want her to take her mind off it now… thankyou

Did you want someone to just create outfits or someone to create them and help code dressing games/remembered outfit choices etc?

I just want someone to create outfits for each episode for the characters in my story

hey I can do it for free if you still need someone to help?

Heyy it will be of great help… do u have insta?

ehh no I dont :sweat_smile:

but we can do it on the forums?

I can gladly help…DM me if you’re interested…My Insta @aly_.epi

I can do maybe?
I am a paid coder/Co-writer


  • Will promote the story in my insta. stories.
  • Will do anything in story (as your wish) [Can create charcters and outfits as well]
  • I am an advanced coder so I like to put zooms and spot as I think I will look good
  • Fix some grammatical mistakes (if u want and if I see some)

Price are started from 5$ to 10 $ (it’s based on the coding level and if I have to write the dialogs myself) :slightly_smiling_face:

For more info. pm me! :relaxed: