Please help. trying to get my character to turn around after being scared

hey, here is my script

@MYA enter from screen right to screen center

    MYA (talk_think)
Let me scare her a bit

@pause for a beat

    &MYA (dance_jazzhands)

@pause for a beat

&CANDICE faces right does it while startled_surprised

@CANDICE (startled_surprised)
Ah, why did you do that? anywho class is going to start.

@pause for a beat


thanks <3

&CANDICE faces right
&CANDICE is startled_surprised

The A is capital.

It tells me no wait sequence…

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@CANDICE faces right
@CANDICE is startled_surprised

It tells me I can’t use a director command here, starting with a @.

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Wow, I don’t know the answer, then. Sorry :weary::weary::weary:

No worries, thanks anyway.

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MYA (dance_jazzhands)

@CANDICE exits left/right

How do I make it vaild?

&CANDICE faces right does it while startled_surprised

@CANDICE faces right AND CANDICE is startled_surprised

thank you… <3

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