Please help with animations & zooming

I have been trying to get the animation “shush” on both characters to already have been done by the time when it zooms onto them that they have the “face” that they already did it but I don’t know how…
Right now currently it’s zooming onto them WHILE they are doing the shush face but how do I do it for them to ALREAY have done it by the time the zooming goes onto them?

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Well, first off I’d move the shush animations to in between lines 297 and 298 so that they’re already starting to do the animation as it starts zooming and panning. If they still don’t finish the animation before it zooms there, then adding a couple pauses before the zooming and panning should do the trick. :slight_smile:

I tried it, but only one of them is doing the “shush” animation & it paused for a very long time around like 297 & 298 :confused:

You need to give them enough time to comlete the shush action. You should put them on the same line and then pause for one more beat

@/ROMAN is shush and DAVIEN is shush
@pause for a beat

The way I have it now actually finished the “shush” but only one of them is doing it (@DAVIEN) I can’t get @ROMAN to do the shush also & there is a long pause around 297-298? Unless i’m coding it wrong…?

Those aren’t pauses, and the reason only one of them doesn’t do it is because you’re also not giving them enough time to finish walking to their spots. Instead of using the & sign for DAVIEN walks to spot —, change it to the @ sign.

Okay got it, but howcome that effected ROMAN & not DAVIEN?

Because Roman was the first to do the shush, but he didn’t get to complete the walking to his spot yet, so it skipped over the SHUSH command. And since the @/ROMAN is shush is 1 second, DAVIEN was able to do the shush right after that. It’s kind of complicated to explain lol

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It is lol but while they are doing the “shushing” animation it stays paused for a while would there be a way to squeeze in another zoom but (slow enough for them to finish the shush) so it just dosen’t stay paused?