Please help with basic commands

Hi there, I am new to this community as well as writing my own stories. Can you please help me with the following commands: Falling while running, Making a character enter/walk to a spot with out walking in by the basic entry points, how to walk with your character/follow to different spots/zones, adding music as well as fading the music in or out etc. Thank you so much in advance :smile:

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Watch Joseph Evan’s tutorial videos on youtube. I learned everything from them and also it will take forever to explain everything on forum


You can use this. It would help :slight_smile:

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Before I finally managed to have an account for the forum and learn how to used it… I learnt via the google docs on the different commands. It’s helpful but sooner I didn’t really feel like it. Then I tried Youtube and wow it really works wonders. Ever since then, I learnt alot from it. Then I managed to have this forum account and realised there were help threads and they are also very useful. So these 3 sources should more than suffice your learning experience on how to use episode.

I learnt from scratch via trial and errors because initially I got no help from the forums. #BitterWork

I’m watching his videos right now but its not showing what I need help with :sleepy::joy:
The struggle is real :see_no_evil::joy:

What do you need help with now?
I will try to explain the best I can

I want my character to enter the scene white running and then i want him to fall and then stand up, when I tried it goes a bit wonky and he doesn’t fall all the way… its weird. So I want to fix that

Try this
@CHARACTER enters from left/right and does it while run
@CHARACTER is fall
@pause for 2 (you can change this)
@CHARACTER is stand up

Italic words can be change into other animation

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Its not allowing me to do this, I’m not sure if its because my character enters and runs to a spot?

I put: @CHARACTER enters from right to spot 1.078 252 102 and does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop

It doesn’t allow me to just put “run”

Hello @TylerK191, this is Sydney the Moderator! Welcome to the forums. :smiley: I’ve moved this topic to Directing Helps and Tips since you’re looking for help with scripting. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:


Thank you so much! And can you please maybe help me with spot directing? In a new scene I want both my characters to stand in zone 2 when the new scene begins so I dont want them to walk in, how would I do this?

I would also like them to face rear but I cant seem to get that right either :sweat_smile:

It doesn’t allow you because you probably write in limelight and not in ink, and those behaviors are different.

&CHARACTER1 spot % x y in zone 2 AND CHARACTER1 is animation AND CHARACTER1 faces right/left*

&CHARACTER2 spot % x y in zone 2 AND CHARACTER2 is animation AND CHARACTER2 faces right/left*

*please note that if your characters are facing rear and you want them to face right, you have to make them face left and vice versa :v:

I’m not sure if anyone would know this, but in a few stories iv’e read, there where effects put in such as a shake effect, almost as if there was a earth quake effect in the story, does anyone know how to do that? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Thank you so much! And sorry for the stupid questions but I’m battling quite a bit. And I know this is also a simple command but I cant ever get my characters to face rear does not matter how or what I type, can someone please show me the correct command for this action :see_no_evil: