Please help with cover

Hey, I will publish my first story soon but I need a cover, can someone do it for me? It’s a limelight story here’s my edit maybe you can make it better Or any suggestions for apps? Thank you


I could try…

Thanksssss a lot :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yours looks pretty good already.

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Can you send me the character details. Like the face shape skin colour etc

The girl:
Face : diamond
Skin tone : natural 01
Hair : long wavy blowout
Hair color: ash blonde
Lip shape : small heart
Nose : defined
Eyebrows shape: arched natural
Eyes : blue green
Pose : angry / armcrossed / it’s up to you but they need to look like they despise each other.

The boy:
Skin : natural 02
Face : male generic
Hair : taper wavy
Hair color : chocolate brunette
Eyebrows : arched medium
Lips : medium straight
Eyes : green
Nose : Grecian narrow
Pose : same as the girl make him in angry pose

Tittle : Love in different layers
Story by Apriliazeva

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Thank you, hehe I’ve tried my best

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I think you should keep the one you have. you can always make a new one in the future. after you publish your story

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What background, would you like for it?

It’s up to you, I don’t have any specific request, the important are the characters.

alright, I’ll try to do one <3

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Thank you :slight_smile: :two_hearts:

You can check out my group and request if you would like it’s called Blues Art Shop just search it in the search bar at top and it will come up :blush:

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