Please help with moving overlay?

I have it set but i’m not sure what i’m doong wrong because it is no falling straight down rather going all over the place? I want the overlay to make it seem as if it’s falling down/ rotating

Maybe in the second command you need to write in 0 instead of in 1

On line 2314?

You don’t have any time pauses
@pause for T might help

i dd this before and it seemed to work?

Did you try writing in 0 in lines 2313 and 2314?

you need to type something like this

&overlay OVERLAY rotates % in s
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in s

I think that should fix it :grin:

Your issue comes from too many different thigs happening at the same time.
This is due to two causes.

  1. You use the & command without any pauses. This causes the SE to read all of it in a quick succession, resulting in it all happening at once. By adding pauses @pause for 1 you give the SE time to stop up so the events on the screen can catch up.

  2. By rotating the overlay you automatically change it’s location on the screen. To have the rotation happening where you want it to you need to rotate the oerlay first, then place it where you want it and use those coordinates instead of the original ones when shifting it.


Thank you, yes what was messing up was the rotation.

How would I make it seem as if the overlay is falling & rotating?

Does the overlay appear on screen while in motion or is it already there?
Because the first shifting command is basicallt the placement of overlay.
&overlay ICECREAM HAT create
&overlay ICECREAM HAT shifts to X Y
&overlay ICECREAM HAT scales to _ _
&overlay ICECREAM HAT opacity 1
After that you need to make it fall while rotate
&overlay ICECREAM HAT rotates ___ anchor point 0 0 in T
Type anything.
This dialogue box is basically to buy you time to get the co ordinates.
After rotating, the overlay would have moved away from its position. Zoom in zoom out to find it and place it where you want it to.
Copy the co ordinates
&overlay ICECREAM HAT rotates __ anchor point 0 0 in T
&overlay ICECREAM HAT shifts to X Y in T
@pause for T
Remove the narrator dialogue.
May be this will work. I am not a pro at this. Try and see if this works.

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been offline for a few days. Don’t know if you’ve solved this already, maybe you have, but anyway.
To make it look like it spinning/rotating down you’ll need to make a rotate loop of the overlay at the same time as you shift it.
Here’s an example from one of my stories where the pillow moves across the screen. The same principle applies when you want it to fall.

&overlay PILLOW rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0.5 loop INFINITE times
&overlay PILLOW shifts to 730 420 in 0.5
&overlay PILLOW scales to 0.238 0.238 in 0.5

I use INFINITE because the move covers the whole scen, else fill in the number of times you want he loop to repeat itself to cover the time it takes for it to fall.