Please help with sitting

Can someone please help me with seating characters. How can I get them to actually appear as if they are sitting on the chairs instead of in front of them?

You need to layer it.

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 220 0 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND CHARACTER faces right

The first layer is the bottom layer, and then you pile form there. Meaning if the chair is in layer one and CHARACTER is in layer 2, CHARACTER will be in front of the chairs. You would need to put the table in layer 3 so the table is in front of CHARACTER

I found the overlay for the same red table in the pic, however, when I try to write it in the script I’m not able to see the overlay to even spot direct it

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Sorry if I’m asking too much.

You have to first add the overlay to the scene. You can add it next to the background name


You’re missing one more number though for the placement.

You aren’t
You need to create it first.
@overlay REDTABLE create
@overlay REDTABLE shifts to 0 114 AND overlay REDTABLE scales to 0.48 0.48 AND overlay REDTABLE opacity 1 in 0 AND overlay REDTABLE moves to layer 3
(If you want them in front of the table then layer, 1)

I believe this thread will help you.

Or as Dara.Amarie said put it on the BG

Thank you so much

Thanks for all your help!!!

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