Please help with story description and cover

My story description is: Liam helps Bella realize her self-worth, but when she gets caught up in his secrets and lies, she realizes that he is more dangerous than he appears
Does this make sense? Can you help me make a new one if it doesn’t?
Also, can you also tell me if this cover idea makes sense
my idea was to have the MC do the animation idle-sad-clutch and a tear comes from her eye and a glow comes from beneath her hands and the love interest stands behind her comforting her, but then there is him standing with a gun behind his back. does this match my description or does it give off a different vibe and also can some one help me create this cover art once i figure this out
Thank You! XOXO


I think the description needs a lil tinkering. PM me about it so we can talk more. And for the cover, I think its great! If you need help making it, GO HERE!

This might work if you want to tinker with it. You don’t have to.

“Liam helps Bella greatly and they get closer and closer. But what happens when she gets caught right in the middle of all his lies and secrets. She realizes he’s more than he appears… What will she do?”

Hopefully that would fit for the description. Lets hope it doesn’t have too many characters. Even you’re original could work. Just saying, so you don’t have to change it if you don’t want to.

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Thanks for the help

No problem!!

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