Please help with story

I’ve been really wanting to be an episode writer for awhile now and I have great ideas but I don’t present them well of you know what I mean. I either give bad cliffhangers or I give the ending out a little to early because I’m so excited. I decided to take a quick break at the time which turned into 3 months (YES I KNOW) but I still have a sort of writers block. I think my exictment is wanting me to jist blurt out my whole plot to the readers. Writing isn’t also that fun I used to love writing episodes but now I try maybe too much. Thank you for reading this please message me I really want to get help!

So you wants some motivation tips? :thinking:

Hi! Being excited to write is definitely not a bad thing. Just make sure to slow down and plan your episodes. It might not all come to you at once, but try to come up with some ideas and build off of them then write them down. These ideas don’t have to be set in stone, but they’re a nice guide to help you out when you’re writing. Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

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If you need any help with your writing please does hesitate to message me on here or IG it’s hannahc.epiwrites

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Hey im just wondering how do you make the cover of the story with the title in the picture

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All I do is just get the character/s in the scene on the portal with the background and/or the overlays I want and take a screen shot with my phone on the app, then add title etc on canva.

Or you can use photoshop, pixlr, medibang etc or you can ask someone who makes covers if they could do it for you.

Sorry for the late reply but basically yes!

Hi, babe.

Best advice I can give is brainstorm it and plan it out. Get yourself a nice notebook or a journal and write it all out. Start with your characters. Write out what they look like and the relevance of them in the story. (Eg. Jenny Smith: brown eyes, blond hair, full lips. Main character. Has a confident personality) then you start on your plot.

Write a simple and brief idea of your story. Just so that you never forget your main idea. I usually describe it to myself on one written page.

Once you have that in mind, and you have written down some essential ideas, then write and develop your plot.

For me, this is writing out the story line in basic terms. I write out the storyline and develop the characters, the scenes and play everything out in it. Plan the chapters, plan how the story goes. And if something is not right or you get stuck, you can go back and check your notes.

You may find that it could be a bit time consuming, but I find that this helps me with everything I have ever written. And this is also how I help myself deal with writers block. As long as its all written down, you can use it to keep the story going at the right pace and also decrease the chances of plot holes or missing information.

Hope this helps you.