Please Help With The Start Of My Story!

Hiii! :two_hearts:
So, from the start of 2020 I’ve been trying to write a story, obviously my knowledge about episode increased and I want to make a story I will publish. Every time I tried making a new story I just lost interest and I thought if I published it you guys would too.
So, all I’m asking for is what’s your ideal start of an episode story? Examples:

  • Author pops up at the screen and makes a mini intro
  • CC right away
  • The MC wakes up in their bed and starts a new day with many secrets
  • A flashback
  • Something that will happen in the next episodes
    And others but I would like to know which start of a story you like the most.
    Please comment your answer under this post!

Probably an animated intro with overlays and then something that’s gonna happen in the future episodes :))


okay here is my opinion on this, written short because I am on my way out the door

no, no one like this,

sure its fine

over used clichi, you should start a story where the story plot start, like example, mine start at a funereal, no one care for MC daily rutine, waking op in the morning is very boring.

if its at the start its not a flashback, it’s prologue.

no spoilers, I dont like spoilers,

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I recommend writing a prologue! It’s very effective in engaging your audience. Usually my ideal prologue is something that hypes me up for reading the story, like a focal point in the story without giving much away!
Hope this helps! :black_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart:

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