Please help with zooms?

I’m writing my story and everything is going perfectly fine besides zooms. The zoom and focus buttons are too complicated for me. It’s frustrating because every time I finally get the zoom I want, I copy it and when I preview the scene, it’s zoomed in a completely random place. And then when I’m trying to get the spot I want to zoom in, the camera will not let me move to another zone, it only wants to zoom in the zone I have the current action in. Can there be an update where we can just navigate, pinch and zoom with our fingers to the exact spot coordinates instead of there being zoom and focus buttons or can there be an update to get rid of the camera helper only zooming in one zone and not being able to move to another? Or can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m so confused :smiling_face_with_tear:


Yeah, you can only zoom in the current zone you’re in. If you wanted to zoom in zone 2 but you’re in zone 1, you have to write

@cut/pan to zone 2
@zoom on … in (TIME)

The “zoom” button is to zoom in to a place in a zone- and you use your mouse to zoom in and out. The “focus” button is so that you can move your screen around to adjust it after you have zoomed.

So let’s say you zoomed in and it’s not the exact place you want it, the “focus” button allows you to move the screen to your preference after.

I think maybe the reason why your zooms are zoomed into completely random places is because you haven’t written the zone it’s in before it like I did at the top. You have to write the zone then the zoom comes after it, otherwise it will completely mess up.

Try playing around with it. Good luck : D

This Video Could Help

Episode Tutorial 14 - ADVANCED ZOOMS - YouTube


Check out Joseph Evans’ playlist on youtube. He’s great at explaining the various code/portal things and shows you an in-portal view as well as how it plays in portal. :slight_smile:

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