Please, I need help with this issue!

Hello. So I went over to the animations tab (with a little trick of mine so I could view Classic Animation) to save photos. I wanted to save the characters doing specific actions so I could make a little art scene thing. When I saved the classic characters, to my surprise, they downloaded with a transparent background- which was AMAZING and saves me a lot of time. But when I downloaded a INK and LimeLight character, neither had a transparent background. Why is it different for classic?

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I could make it transparent for you! Outline free (white lines around the character)

Yeah, that’s weird, must’ve been an Episode glitch :joy:
Anyways, here she is with no outline…If you ever need anything like this for your edits (etc…)
check out my thread!

Idk why it’s saving as a JPG, i’ll link it to you as a PNG.

I use clip paint studio :blush:

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