Please, I need help with this issue!


Hello. So I went over to the animations tab (with a little trick of mine so I could view Classic Animation) to save photos. I wanted to save the characters doing specific actions so I could make a little art scene thing. When I saved the classic characters, to my surprise, they downloaded with a transparent background- which was AMAZING and saves me a lot of time. But when I downloaded a INK and LimeLight character, neither had a transparent background. Why is it different for classic?


Here are the saved classic characters that have a transparent background:

And here is the INK character- saved in the same place and way- that doesn’t have a transparent background:


Why is it that they were both saved at the same place, the same way, without any changes, but one is transparent and one isn’t? If anyone knows how to make the INK and Limelight characters’ backgrounds transparent from the Animations tab, it’d help a alot


I could make it transparent for you! Outline free (white lines around the character)


I appreciate that greatly. I was just curious on why it was different, ya know?


Yeah, that’s weird, must’ve been an Episode glitch :joy:
Anyways, here she is with no outline…If you ever need anything like this for your edits (etc…)
check out my thread!


Idk why it’s saving as a JPG, i’ll link it to you as a PNG.


What do you use, if I may ask?


I use clip paint studio :blush:


I appreciate your feedback (: