Please i need help!

Hi all, I could use a little help.
I’m on my second story, and I want to create a scene where reporter is doing an interview at the crime scene and at the same time I want my character to watch TV.

A little further down you’ll see what I’m talking about


I know the person who’s behind the back unfortunately isn’t valid for ink male character, But at least to be able see the TV overlay with the table.
I hope I’ve explained as much as you can understand what I mean please help.

Like an art scene?

Hello, what does behind the back mean? isn’t the back “the backest?” Do you mean you want us to cut out the tv screen inside even though you know the man watching television isn’t a valid ink character? Or do you want an art scene, like @/Allie_Episode said?
Please specify, and if it’s an overlay I’ll be able to help.
Have a good day! :blush:

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Hello dear, and no is not an art scene is an overlay.
Is need to look like this.

Ok i edited this on pizzap.
So i want to create a scene like:
i add this INT.APARTMENT DAY and the scene is have to be like one of my characters is see the news, i hope this can explain a little bit more.
The scene is that a news reporter talk about a crime that one of my character did.

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So do you want me to crop the image out of this:
Or this:
or find one?

The first 1

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Like so?