Please, i need help!

HI ! I love creating story on episode but, first, I don’t know how to have the new character’s design (not the old one, the new) for my story (I am on a phone) and second, I don’t how to share my story (Always on my phone) ! Pleeeease, help me !!! :disappointed_relieved::sob::sob:
Thank you !

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What style do you want, I can’t understand because you’re not specific of what style you want.

Do you use app?

Talking about this oneIMG_20180302_140113 :hugs:

Yes !

If you want to use Limelight (the style you want to use) you need to create your story on the Writers portal on your laptop. You also cannot publish your story on mobile (i don’t think so anyways).
I hope i kinda helped a bit, i am afraid you need to write your story on a laptop.

Ok ! Thank you so much !

Le 2 mars 2018 5:25 PM, “Jelly_Pringlez” a écrit :

Can you make story in lime light in app ?

Not yet… you can only use ink

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yeah i know but why don’t you write in script trust me it’s easy then app …? (I was also so confused for scripts )

I like using the app, it is very easy but i want to publish my stories too so i use scripts :smiley:

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