Please I need your help:)

I need a person to review my unpublished story and help me with my grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes!!! I don’t need feedback or some criticism for my story!!! I just need some help with my grammar… (if I have mistakes…)
Cause English isn’t my first language…
Please don’t be rude or mean!!!
:warning:Can’t everyone write or speak English!!!:warning:

Thank you for your time:)…

Thank you:) Here is my link :

There are 3 chapters! Of course take your time, I’ll wait but please keep me update! When you finish please send me screenshots from the scenes if I have grammar or spelling mistakes!!!..
(On message please…)

Thank you so much to offer your help:)…

Send them on message please… (I need help only with my grammar and spelling mistakes)…
Thank you:)

I have a question too, I’m writing about a girl with magical powers
but I want her to throw something how do I do that?

You have to move your question into “Directing Tips”. They will help you:)…

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