Please join my writing group!

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to make a writing group, and everything is settled!

Please join my group. I know mostly everybody is busy. So no need to worry about time.

I will tell who is accepted, trust me mostly nobody will be declined. If I have declined you try again. It might be a bug/mistake.

Also everything has already been decided.

Writer: You’ll be doing the script and backgrounds.

Director: They do the coding, character and things like that.

Artist: They do covers, art scenes, and yess they get a break so there hands aren’t tired

Previewer: Reads the whole story, tells them to fix spelling, errors and more.

Vice President: Helps around here when I’m busy. Mostly thinks of titles, and description, and ideas and more with me.

Please tell me when you’ve submitted down below👇.

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