Please let us change our usernames!

I know this has been spoken about on other threads, but please let us change our usernames! I understand that this is probably as irritating as readers asking authors for a re-customisation in the stories but seriously. Please consider this:blue_heart:
All the other topics I’ve seen relating to this subject have been 'closed due to two months of inactivity (This is very irritating too, please stop) Please episode take these ideas into consideration:blush:
Because of no option to change usernames, I am recreating my account under the name ‘HebbyEliza’ . Thanks:grin:


@HebbyElizabeth @HebbyEliza Actually, I believe you can request to change your forum username by sending a ticket to Episode if I’m not wrong…


Thank you, I may try this later💙


How do you do that if you don’t mind me asking?

@Midnight_Bella_Editz You should be able to request to change your forums username by sending Episode a ticket (I’ve noticed that several users have recently changed their usernames as well, so it’s definitely possible).
You can fill one out here, specifying what you need from this link:

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I just created a thread that might be of help…