Please list any unique girl names


I need a UNIQUE girl name for my story


Megha thats my name lol


Maryn - Mare - n
Abrianna - Aw - Breē - añ - nã
Hartianna - Hart - ē - añ - nã
Kylain - Kaī -lan



my name. Amani, not pronounced like you said it in ur head. Ah-ma-nee


Jayla, thats me! Jay-la


Wren, pronounced ren :grin:


Just look up to see who wrote this comment :wink: :smile:


I recommend behindthename, such a great site!




well, my name is kay. it hasn’t been popular since the 40s, when it was one of the top 100 names. so, everyone who was born with that name is… dying. except me, i suppose…


Amaya is a unique name




Actually, a unique girl name is: “Cricket”! I’ve read a book where a girl was named Cricket.


Sometimes, when I don’t know what to name my characters… I’d go on websites like for some unique names! The website would show you the origin and the meaning behind the name, which can help you find a perfect name to fit to your character’s personality!

I think Gianni is a unique name in my opinion :slight_smile: The name’s unisex and can be used on a boy


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