Please listen, I was just trying to help

Hi bakedpotato,
You should not use assets from any of Episode’s original backgrounds to make your own backgrounds. That is considered stealing for profit. It has nothing to do with the category you posted your topic in. If that was the case, an admin would have moved your topic to another category instead of hiding it.
Hope this answered your question!

I am not making profit

And I read the post on that as long as I am not charging for money, I am able to do so

No another post was moved to another catagory

Well it wasn’t it was closed

You have read this post:
Rules Around Using Episode Art Assets and Community Edits
‘We draw the line when editors start to charge for modified Episode assets or share / produce them on a scale beyond personal use.’
Modified Episode assets cannot be produced on a scale beyond personal use. The statement above is extremely vague, however, I believe it means you should not be sharing modified Episode assets, regardless of whether you are making a profit or not.
If you believe that your post was wrongly hidden, you should submit a complaint.

Ok, well that is news to me.

That’s what I saw when I read that post

Even so I wanted to help writers. because I had been asked about it when I posted the first one. should I just leave out the backgrounds and post it again offering to help

with writing

From my understanding, a modified Episode asset can be used in your own story (on the Episode platform only), however, it should not be widely distributed. An example of this would be sharing it on a public drive, or, in this case, sharing it through a topic post. I cannot say for sure what abides by their guidelines. I suggest that you bring this to a forum admin for clarification.

art resources seems suitable forum part regarding the backgrounds. Also avoid to promote your own story in such post if you have done it this might be the reason why it was closed. Because promoting is prohibited outside the promoting section.

If you want to help with writing - probably finding writing partner section will be the one

And if you offer help with coding than - directing tips& tricks

I don’t have a story to promote so its not that but thank you for the help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I am still new to the forums so thank you for explaining that to me :innocent:

I’m a little confused on what you mean by that, there’s plenty of drives in which people edit episode backgrounds and that’s perfectly fine and it doesn’t go against guidelines.


Didnt see the thing your talking about…ive edited a lot of episode backgrounds in my past, published them and nothing happened…



One of the users from that thread posted an email they received from the Episode team stating that modified Episode assets should not be shared. But yes, I have seen the endless drives of modified Episode assets that have not been taken down. If I am being completely honest, I have no idea why her topic was hidden - I tried to consider all of the possibilities. It must be an error on the admin’s part. Either Episode is not enforcing their guidelines properly, or they need to be more clear about what is and what isn’t allowed.


Thats real stupid, if people dont make money off of it, why not edit the backgrounds? Like its not my fault my characters dont want no boring dorm room.


Hmm, well I think it probably was just an error on the admin’s part because I’m sure they’re well aware of the drives that share edited episode backgrounds and have been around for years. I’ve also seen in the guidelines that they say we’re allowed to modify episode backgrounds. You can’t charge people for it, so maybe the admin thought she was I’m not sure.


Seriously I hate this. My multiple threads were removed for literally no reason