Please Make Me An Overlay

Can someone make the foot/end board of this bed into an overlay?

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Go to Kyra's background and overlay request thread!

I can make you one but can you tell me what are you exactly talking about…
Because I don’t get what you meant??

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Can you make an overlay of the very end of the bed, the wooden part?

You mean where the bed end and the wooden part that is stretched a little upwards…
Sorry if you don’t get it…

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This wooden part

Okay give me like 30 minutes and it will be done…

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Okay tysm

No problem.
And should I pm it to you or just post it over here?

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Either will work!


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Okay it was very easy to make so, it got done before the time…
I just have one condition I want credit as @princesssana_sa in your story…

Here’s your overlay-


Let me know if you wanna change anything…

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I will credit you! :smiley:

Glad I could be of any help to you!!