Please Overlay help please

Can some one please please please make me a positive pregnant test sit on the counter on any bathroom background also please tell me the bathroom background you use this would be such a helpful thing for me as every time I try to make an overlay it never seems to work and give me and error hopeful someone can help me


I saw you help other users hope you can help me too
Ps please cheak out my episodie profile it is called BJ and leave me some fanmail


Hi @Brooke2759

Do you mean you wanted it on bathroom counter standing like this


I can draw one for you it depends which side you wanted pregnant test to be face

i did draw this pregnant test for someone and add in a text sign

Can you make the background as episode background also can you make it as an overlay that will work properly

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Pregnancy Test - @JL_WRITES, Bathroom - @JL_WRITES, Bathroom - @CATTHEGIRL , Bathroom - @AMEPISODE , here you go, you can check which bathroom you like best and the pregnancy test, just don’t forget to give them credits.

Ps cheak out my profile for the new book I will put this in it will be out soon I think also leave me some fan mail as I never get any and I would to to get some
Profile name:BJ

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Thanks don’t’t need at the moment will dm you if I need them or any more help @phoenix.brunet

There is no need to send me a dm in case you need them lol, I put everything you need but well.

does overlay work properly now @Brooke2759 it in overlay

i think i know someone who can do episode background for you

  1. @Marysol.Episode

Ok thank please give me some fan mail on my epi profile @Kande10

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your welcome @Brooke2759

i will see if i can since i have to find fan mail.

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Just go on to the app if you have it and look up BJ and go on any one of my story’s you will find it but it is not on forums @Kande10

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Also do you what me to give you credit for the overlay @Kande10

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@Brooke2759 yes please but it up to you

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oh :hushed: i just find your profile BJ is it a male profile

No I will send you a pic of it @Kande10

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@Kande10 have you a female one like this

It is in the top 5 went you search it

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i saw it now

Seems like some other users have helped already! Don’t hesitate to DM me if you still need help though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry, I don’t take background requests.

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