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Hello fellow Episodians :smile:

Before I ask the question, I know certain people will comment on this post and I am here to stop them. Yes, I know there are already award ceremonies. Yes, I know this might not become a big deal. And yes, I have a group of people and we all work together to develop this ceremony- if you wish to join, let me know.

Now onto the question.

So I need ideas for prizes that’ll be given to the winners of each category. Categories will be a plenty and I need to know what the community thinks. Please answer the following polls :heart:

  • Have separate awards for every separate category
  • Same idea of awards for each category

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This sounds like so much fun!

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Ah I would like to join the contest rather than be a judge haha :sparkling_heart::smile:

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Ah no thank you - I am so sorry but I have a lot on my plate at the moment hut I wish you all very good luck!

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Prize ideas:
I feel like people like prizes where they can get free splashes/backgrounds/edits/pfps/covers/ whatever else.
I’m not really sure. Personally, I feel like joining contests is fun and prizes aren’t needed, but anyways, many people do this and it seems to be successful. so, I think it’s safe to say this type of incentive is well liked.

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