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Every time I write a dialogue and place the speechbubble in a certain place and scale it, it appears different on my phone. For example if i write ”speechbubble is 210 287 to 63% with tail_top_left” and I play it on my phone it would say “ speechbubble is 210 287 to 52% with tail_top_left”. the percentage is different, I don’t know why this happens, please help! I have emailed episode community and they told me to uninstall the app, turn off device then back on and reinstall the app, which i’ve done but it still doesn’t work. i’ve tried emailing them again, they received my email but didn’t reply back🥺

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change the “too” to “top”

I meant to write top, but it came as too, sorry my bad.
in the script i wrote
speechbubble is 210 287 to 63% with tail_top_left”

but this appears on my phone
“ speechbubble is 210 287 to 52% with

Ahh, okay. That is weird. I’ve never used the phone to write my stories with, so I’ve never had this issue. I usually use a computer. Let me try it on my end and see what happens.

It must be a glitch when you use it on the phone. When I enter it through the computer, it comes out fine. The percentage doesn’t change. Sorry I can’t help.

  • random thought* Do you think the app might adjust your script to fit the phone?

This is happening to me too… i had set the sppeechbubble to 100% but its appearing at 86% something both in mobile and laptop :thinking:
Idk what to do about it so i just ignored :sweat_smile:

Did you put @speechbubble or just speechbubble? :blob_hearts:

@Teeg_22 I put @speechbubble is 210 287 to 63% with tail_top_left but on my phone, the % changes

@Ashh36 yeah idk what to do bc I don’t like the speech bubble to be too big, yk?

@EKPeters I use my phone bc it’s easier

what do you mean by this?

I thought the it might be because of your phone, but I don’t think it is. It probably is the writer portal. I tried it on my phone and it works. I heard there might be issues with the writer portal right now.

it’s not my phone bc I have the iPhone 11 pro max, which I highly doubt would have any problems w episode, but idk

This one probably does have to go through episode help desk. Sorry I couldn’t help