Please pray for my father

Hello. I came back for support and I need it right now!

My father has been in the hospital for a month. Let’s rewind a bit.

After thanksgiving my dad started feeling pain, and he was breathing heavily. You see, I had to watch my little brother for him because anything he did, he was in pain. One day, he told me, and held my hand. If I ever cough please watch me, when I cough I can’t breathe, So, if you don’t hear me, please call 911. It freaked me out. So the next day, I heard him attempting to yell my name. I ran, he said, “Natalia, please watch your brother, Lita(my grandmother) called 911. I couldn’t breathe, bc Ollie was being bad(my cat). He wanted to get in, so I was done with him. SO I threw him down stairs, and I couldn’t breathe after that.” So I freaked out. The paramedics came in our house, then immediately rushed my dad to the ambulance, then going to a hospital. (5 days later) He had surgery, was later to find out, he had a heart attack, and you immediately die from that. The doctors say 90% die, but he didn’t. And my mom said, “Your fine”, He had surgery, but then his kidneys were failing, and his colan was bleeding. He got dialysis for his kidneys, and he had to have surgery for his colan. He was fine when i saw him yesterday, but today, he began too bleed. So Can i please have people doing prayers, I don’t want to loose my father, I’m his “Little Girl” I need as much prayers. Thank you so much if you do.


Oh my gosh!! I’m so sorry this had to happen to your family!! I hope your father recovers quickly, and survives. I’ll pray for you!!

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My heart goes out to you. I pray for the safety and recovery of your father and for you and your family to be okay during this hard time.

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I’m so sorry. Hope he gets better.

I am so sorry …Worry doesn’t empty tomorrow of it’s troubles. It empties today of its strength. Every difficult situation is a creative opportunity." “Let’s put our heads together to see what would be good for your father … not worry too much.” Everything will fine don’t worry … I hope he will get well soon … I’ll pray for him … I am there if you need anybody to talk :heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::hugs::hugs::hugs:giphy

Keeping your father and yourself in my prayers :heart:

I am so sorry for your situation. Not religious but I will send prayers anyways :pray::pray::pray: hopefully your dad will be okay :heart:

I’ll pray for your father… :disappointed::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Nothing will happen to him…may God bless him…We all will pray for him…

I hope everything good happens to him…
My prayers are with u…

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