Please r4r small talk. (im upset srry)

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a blessed day I just wanted to make a quick announcement if you are going to do a read4read PLEASE PROVIDE SCREENSHOT OF ANY OF THE CHAPTERS THAT YOU BOTH AGREED TO READ UPON.
Don’t act like you’re going to and then don’t even respond and act like you are going to.
I take time out of my day to do r4r to help other small authors as I am, or growing ones to help their reads.
Update with the person you’re doing the r4r but don’t please don’t ghost us, or don’t reply just because I have already read your story!!!
It’s so ridiculous.


@Sydney_H Could you move this thread to Promote Your Story? Thank you.

I’ll do an r4r with you. Just PM me and we’ll get started.

EXCUSME YOU STILL OWE ME A R4R you only “read 1 chapter” after I read all 3 of yours and provided the proof.

I apologize. I thought you were someone else.

Yeah well I’m not did you finish that r4r?

@Whatever1 all do respect but if you didnt finish luvrrr’s reads why would you commit to someone else? You just outed yourself for apparently being the culprit of her rant. Finish the girl’s story, be a team player.

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I’m open for R4R… as long as the chapters aren’t ridiculously long. :blush:

< Click for context!

I once agreed to a R4R, without asking how long each episode was… and hers turned out to be more than 40 minutes long, each! :scream: And I simply cannot commit that kind of time to reading one single episode. [Nor can I often stand a story for that long. :rofl: :joy:] So myself and the author of that insanely long story, both agreed to read no more than two chapters each. I still felt like she had the better end of the deal though. :upside_down_face: :unamused:

So… would you mind telling me how long your chapters are, please?! I prefer a read time of 12 minutes maximum, per chapter.
My own chapters are often 10-12 minutes long.

Hi I’m not sure how long it is but it’s not long at all.

Then, that’d be perfect. :blush:

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What’s your link?

I’ll message you.