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Update: Archiving does not take place in the Announcements, Feature Request/Suggestion, Writers’ Room, Report a Bug, Beta Testing or Site Feedback Sub Forums. But this might change in the future. Special thanks to @CoraMae for asking about this :smiley:

Hello Episode Forum Fam!

It feels like it was only yesterday that we migrated from the OG forums over to our new home. With the move has come some much needed changes in order to keep things organized, civilized, under control and most importantly…safe, happy and positive. I would like to take a little bit of time to discuss one of the changes that has been implemented since the move, and that is topic archiving. :astonished:

What on earth is archiving? defines archiving as: verb (used with object), ar·chived, ar·chiv·ing. to place or store in an archive"

“But what is an archive?!”, you might ask. Look’s like good ol’ came in handy again!

" noun
1. Usually archives. documents or records relating to the activities, business dealings, etc., of a person,family, corporation, association, community, or nation.
2. archives, a place where public records or other historical documents are kept.
3. any extensive record or collection of data:"

Relative to the Episode Forums, archiving topics brings them to the back of the forums, locks the topic and drastically limits the amount of editing that can be done to it. All archived topics stay on the forums indefinitely and cannot be undone. This helps keep the forums organized, clean and cuts down on moderation time which helps us better and more effectively help all of the community.

How long does my topic have to remain inactive for it to become archived?

30 days from the last reply to the topic

But what if I didn’t want my topic to be archived?

In order to keep the forum as organized as possible every end user created topic will be archived after 30 day’s of inactivity. We cannot make exceptions to this.

The GREAT NEWS is that you can combat the archiving of your own & other users topics by bumping topics once every 24 hours, that way they remain active. :partying_face:

Ok Jeremy, what on earth is bumping?

No, not that sort of bumping! :laughing: Bumping is the act of replying to a topic in order to bring it to the top of the Latest list. In order to bump a topic all you have to do is reply to it.

For example: I have a topic in General Chat about how awesome my dog :dog2: is that is 29 days old. Unfortunately for me and my dog Spot, no one else seems to feel the same way and are not responding to my topic. Instead of letting the topic get archived, I simply respond to the topic with more pictures of my dog and detailed information as to why Spot is the most magnificent dog ever. This way it bumps the topic back up to
Latest and resets the 30 day clock giving the topic a whole 30 more days to receive reply’s & feedback which prevent it from getting archived.

Ok that’s cool, but when do topics get archived?

Once a month

I hope this has helped explain a bit more about the archiving process as well as how to bump a topic :smiley: . I highly encourage everyone to refer other community members to this topic if they have any questions regarding this or whenever it might be helpful. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. Thanks!

JB & The Episode Forum Team

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Now I know what the

This topic is archived

Message means!


Jeremy this is URGENT :heart:
How about threads in Feature + Art Suggestions ?

Are same rules valid there? Do we need to bump our suggestions?


Yup. That is one of the sub forums that get’s archived monthly :slight_smile: But I am not 100% certain if we are constantly doing that for that sub forum. Give me about 5 min and I’ll have a concrete answer for ya.


No no no :weary: ok, I’ll need to set my alarm clock every 29 days to remind me to bump all 55 threads I have there :weary:


Update: Update to this is now included in Op post above.

If people are responding to them consistently then there is no need to bump them. Another suggestion is to just bump a few of them every time you log into the forums (once per day). In feature requests in particular this should be pretty simple. Create pics, details, ideas, etc to support the feature request you have and make them replies to your topic. That way you are adding more reasons for people to support the topic as well as bumping it at the same time. Gimme a few more min’s to look into this. Thanks! :laughing:


@Jeremy I assume that if a topic has been archived, you can recreate the topic?

(the rule about no duplicate topics?)


You sure can! If it’s archived it’s as if the original topic does not exist :smiley:


Thanks for the clarification :blush::+1:

Just wondering what will happen if a topic gets bumped twice within 24 hours, will it be deleted? :thinking:


In that instance the user would be violating the forum rules

and would more than likely be flagged, reviewed by the Forum Team and handled accordingly.


Can I ask what this is?


A forum for beta testers. :slight_smile:


Got it, thank you :blush:



so in promote your story if yours has been archived can you create another promote your story
for the same story thats been archived



Of course. Also keep in mind that you can bump your open threads once every 24 hours. That way it never get’s archived. :slight_smile:


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