Please read if you want to be my writing partner!// Found!



Hello, my name is renae!
And as the title suggests I need a writing partner OR I am open to joining a writing group, I am only interested in people who ARE committed to help create a wonderful story… I don’t really have a genre in mind, so I am open to suggestions. please reply back if you are a bright minded person ready to take on the challenge of becoming a writer. also side note experience doesn’t matter so DM me on Instagram - renae_coote or DM me on snapchat - rcoote48 OR if you don’t have any of the above text me on her I don’t mind :slight_smile:


hey, renae. i am ruchi or as my id says shona4b, i am working on a story right now and its about a girl whose life becomes like a roller coaster after her parents accident. if you are interested we can work together. as i am myself searching for partner. i need help in coding and directing. well we can work together if its OK with you. we can discuss.


Hi Renae, I’m Samayita… I would like to work with you…I’m currently working on my story and I’m going to direct one of my big story on Wattpad. So, I needed a co-writer. I’m interested.


Yes! that would be amazing. do you have any social media?


Have you already written a story on episode? if so what’s it called. and would you be intrested in working in a group?


yes, i am on instagram and on fb. my instagram id is shona4b


Yes, I’ve written a story. It’s called “When south meets West” . I would love to work with group:) . My Instagram is Samayeta.episode


Hi i’m interested in writing with you. I’m committed to writing. And it’s my favorite thing to do


hie, if you are intrested, you can join our writing group. we are serching for members. pm me or contact me on insta… @Shona4b or @shona_episode.


I requested it on your Instagram it’s Alx_love27.


Yeah I accepted it.